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Delicate cycle releases more microplastic

Friday, 27.09.2019 07:01 Washing machines not only consume energy and water, they also pollute the environment in other ways. Detergents and softeners may contain, among other substances, microplastic. This can then get back into the waters via the sewage, as sewage treatment plants do not have a corresponding technology. In addition, when washing some textiles

Thyssenkrupp: Guido Kerkhoff to leave again after only one year

Tuesday, 24.09.2019 23:27 The long-established Thyssenkrupp Group is again facing a change in its leadership. The Executive Committee and the Personnel Committee of the Supervisory Board recommended to the Supervisory Board to begin negotiations with CEO Guido Kerkhoff on a timely termination of his term of office on the Management Board. The company announced surprisingly.